Monday, May 31, 2010

d'ya think...

in 60 or 70 years that people will get all excited about kia rios and razor scooters the way they are now about old vehicles and machinery from the "golden age," i don't. take this old fordson tractor, its not cool because its old, it helps but what makes this old machinery special is the fact that it has withstood the test of time because it was built right. in todays world of disposable everything things like this stand out because they are permanant, built with an eye single to the durability and quality that "made in America" should mean and profit margins be damned.

all business/no bullshit, now there are cars that parallel park themselves and we hear words like "progressive" and "forward thinking" but are we really better off ? you can start your car from bed with a remote control, drive it to walmart in creature comfortablity, it'll park itself while you text an update to facebook via your blackberry, at least you only have to walk as far as the front door before you jump into the shop-o-matic rascal powerchair to do your shopping. what a workout. and people wonder how america became the fattest country in the world. how many of our so-called steps forward are really just a step lazy. i'm ranting but its my blog and i'll do what i want with it although now i feel guilty for not getting on the roof and just yelling my opinions... step-lazy, i'm as guilty as anyone.

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